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En Barong Filipino

En Barong Filipino

EN Barong Filipino: A Unique Pinoy Staple of Culture

EN Barong Filipino built its name around a staple of culture in local clothing that is distinguishable in its quality, craftsmanship, and style. Through their modern designs, barong tagalog for men have stood as a timeless article of clothing and is still proudly worn by Filipinos nationwide.

You can check out EN Barong Filipino’s online catalog here at The SM Store and find a wide selection of barong tagalog for sale.

A selection of modern Barong Tagalog for men

EN Barong Filipino is proud of its sustainable production of modern cultural pieces.

You can trust that every Barong Tagalog we have for sale is made with distinct local fibers and artisan-level detailing.

If you need to look dressed to the nines for a formal event, the Snow Organdi Cream Barong is a good find. It comes with long sleeves and is made of polyester material.

Prefer something that makes a statement? The Polycotton Barong should do the trick. This piece oozes confidence as this short-sleeve barong comes in bold and stunning black.

For something comfortable that’s still good for special occasions, this Pure Linen Barong is perfect for you. You can pair it with brown loafers to complete your modern Pinoy look!

You can find EN Barong Filipino at The SM Store

Check out these contemporary pieces from EN Barong Filipino at The SM Store. In this online catalog, find other products from Kultura Philippines and quality barong tagalog for men.

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