Muddy Paws Coco Cat Litter 3kg
Muddy Paws Coco Cat Litter 3kg
Muddy Paws Coco Cat Litter 3kg
Muddy Paws Coco Cat Litter 3kg

Muddy Paws Coco Cat Litter 3kg


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●Premium, Made from organic, Eco-friendly.

●100% made from organic coconut husk.

●Odor neutralizer


●Non-Toxic and safe

●8x Liquid and Odor Absorption - Coco Cat Liter rapidly absorbs up to eight times its own weight in odor causing liquids, keeping your house smelling naturally fresh!

●Premium Organic Coconut – Straight from our certified organic coconut oil farm. Our single ingredient litter is made from 100% pure organic coconut husk. Absolutely no pesticides or chemicals are used, making it non-toxic and safe for all pets.

●Long lasting litter – A little goes along way. Coco cat litter is economical – only one inch cover needed. A small litter box uses about 1.5 kgs which lasts up to a week! For large little boxes, use 3 kgs of Coco Cat Liter.

●Renewable and Eco-friendly – Recycle your used Coco Cat Litter as potting mix in your garden or add to your compost bin! Just remove solid waste first.

●Directions-Cover the bottom of the litter box up to one inch with Coco Cat Litter. Replace often if multiple cats use the same box. Remove solid waste every day. Mix the litter for freshness. Dispose and replace the litter every 7-10 days, or as needed.

●Storage-Seal bag and keep in a cool dry place away from sources of heat.

●Made in the Philippines.

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